Every Purchase Helps An Animal In Need


Welcome to Vegan Outfitters, the destination brand for the plant-based generation. Like you, we were fed-up constantly checking labels and suffering through the “where’s the protein” interrogations. We believe in a cruelty-free lifestyle whether it’s the food we eat (plant-based, obviously), the clothes we wear, or the impact our lifestyle has on the environment. We wanted to create a brand that wasn’t just 100% vegan, ethical and sustainable, but one that actually looked good as well (and usually pisses off an Uncle at Christmas which is always a bonus).
Gone are the days of hemp trousers and woven shoes, welcome to the next generation of vegan apparel and living, we’re so glad you’re here.

For you.

Whether you’ve been a vegan for 40 years or new to the party (shout out to our Veganuary babies), we’re here for you. Vegan Outfitters is so much more than a few plant-based slogan tees, this is about creating a safe, warm and supportive community for our plant-based buddies.

For the animals.

We’re going to assume you love animals as much as we do, so that’s why every order made with us helps save an animal in need. We donate a little over 10% of our profits to amazing UK sanctuaries that are dedicated to rescuing farm animals from abuse and slaughter. Ideally, we’d live in a world where they didn’t need to be rescued, but until then...
Your support goes towards things like:

3 x days worth of kale for a friendly goat
7 x days worth of hay for a sheep during the colder months
Sweetcorn to feed 4 chickens as a treat!
7 x days worth of watermelon to feed a turkey (they love it!)

    For the environment.

    We all know a huge benefit of veganism is the positive impact it has on the environment. Like you, we’re concerned about our planet, that’s why we’ve pledged to operate as ethically and sustainably as possible. We’ve made an incredible start, but we are always reassessing and moving forward with technology and new ways of working.